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It seemed like a good idea at the time…one of us was bound to be going down to The Pinewood from The Castle Green this week so could we take an order of biscuits from a Kendal supplier and save on the delivery charge.

So, 10 boxes of biscuits were packed into my boot ready for my visit this week. When I picked the kids up from Grannys they were:

1. Curious - ‘what’s that in the boot’ they said as the school bags went in

2. Excited - ‘wow, a boot full of biscuits…cool’

3. Intrigued - ‘isn’t it difficult when you have to deliver the chicken and peas?’

They enjoyed the trip home though – well with 480 packets in the car how could I say no.

Then my appointment was cancelled so the cargo has now been transferred to the Finance Director's car for her visit on Friday. The only thing is she also has to take down a load of Christmas hats. I would like to see her explain that to the Police if she gets stopped on the Motorway!

I think we will go back to getting the suppliers to do the deliveries…


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