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A couple of months ago I got a call from Mr Philip Guy Burton who was planning to visit Kendal to attend a school reunion at Heversham Grammar School. 

Mr Burton explained that he was the son of Barbara Jefferys and grandson of Mary Agnes Jefferys who had bought the original house at Castle Green from Thomas Bindloss in the 1900’s.

Could he book a room at Castle Green and have a look around?

‘Yes of course, I will ensure you get a room in the old house and make sure that I am here to give you a tour.’

June 15th came and Mr Burton arrived as promised at 2pm having travelled by train from Essex.

What a pleasure it was to show him around and hear about the house as it was:

Room 137 used to be the billiard room and the layout and features had hardly changed.

Room 144 was Grandmother Agnes’ domain – ‘I never went in there’.

Mr Burton’s room for the night on this visit was next door to the room he used to stay in while on school holidays with his brother Richard (now Room 143)

The Garden Room (now a conference room) used to be the dining room while next door (The Castle Room) was the kitchen.

‘The conference lounge was where we had a sink that we used to wash the parrot in’.

We sat outside and had a cup of tea at exactly the spot where Philip had a photograph of the two gardeners mowing the lawn (John Walmsley and Shepherd Greenbank) – one pushing and one pulling.

The conclusion of the tour was a trip to Alexanders the Pub (the old stables) where we have a collection of photographs and memorabilia from the original house. There is a picture of Mary Agnes Jefferys with a small boy (unnamed) circa 1935. ‘That will be my brother Richard. No hang on a minute. Could you get it down? That is me aged eight. Fancy that, a picture of me in a Pub. I haven’t been able to drink for 50 years since I had some snake soup in the Far East and got liver disease. Who would have thought it?’

Who would have thought it indeed…

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