• Beyond Walking Boots and Wetsuits

    It’s not really news that Kendal, gateway to the stunning English Lake District, arguably offers some of the most breathtaking walks and cycle routes the UK has to offer. That’s not to mention easy

  • Hurry - Extra hours of sunshine available in the Lake District!

    It’s a fact! At the exact moment that the northern hemisphere is most tilted towards the Sun, the northern hemisphere experiences its summer solstice. The further North you travel, the more hours of

  • Conferences: Choosing the right venue

    Remember the meeting last week? No? Ah yes, the one where the air con wasn't working and we couldn't wait to leave. We've all been there. A bad venue sticks in your mind, regardless of the content.


    Nothing says summer like sitting on the grass and snacking in the sunshine! While we might be bias, the choice of nearby picnic spots are particularly special at the gateway to the Lakes.

    Best for

  • Hold Your Horses: Gearing Up for the Cartmel Races

    The season is about to kick off again. Located in the pretty country village of Cartmel with the stunning Lake District as its backdrop, its no surprise that so many flock to the original

  • Protein and why it's good for you!

    There’s one subject I get asked about a lot by all ages, genders and training types… PROTEIN! There’s always been a big emphasis on protein when it comes to training, in the past it was seen as a