• Love is in the air which means...so are 2019 wedding trends.

    Romantic gestures are plentiful over the Festive season meaning our inbox is full of newly engaged couples! And with Valentine’s Day on the horizon, it seems only right to run through the wedding

  • Sorry, those calories won't count themselves!

    Last month I mentioned everything that’s important when it comes to you getting the body you want, in order of importance calorie consumption, progressive overload, consistency and manageability. So

  • February Foodie: Book the Greenhouse Restaurant

    February is a month for dining out because, we did it! Dry January, Red January, all round a well behaved January. Now we deserve a treat, right?

    Whether you are a local seeking a special meal out

  • The Value of Getting Out the Office.

    Meeting, meetings and more meetings! Sound familiar? When working in business often team members can feel overwhelmed by the number of staff get togethers necessary to make progress. How do we retain

  • January is the most important month in the gym calendar!

    It’s the month where people are most motivated to train and eat to become a healthier version of themselves. It’s often the month where gym goers start their journey to reach whatever goal they have

  • What comes first, booking the venue or booking the registrar?

    A common question! We are more than happy to hold a date for you while you check that the registrar is available so don't worry! Our local registry staff can conduct ceremonies between 10am and 5pm.