• How to get a 6 pack!

    With summer and everything that comes with it, such as holidays and hot weather fast approaching, it seems relevant to talk about the most famous of all the muscles…The Abdominals.

    The six pack is

  • Easter Activities

    Starting to make plans for when the kids are off school for Easter? We know it can be a challenge coming up with new exciting ideas and activities that hold the attention of little ones!

    Come and

  • Wedding table plans - should you opt for open seating instead?

    Organising your beloved family and friends so they enjoy themselves, don't restart a family feud or say the wrong thing to Granny can be a mighty task.  So is the table plan worth the headache?  Dare

  • New to Walking? Our Top Tips, or book a guided walk at Kendal's 3rd Walking Festival

    With the blossoming daffodils, longer days and more frequent sunny spells it is a great time to start getting outdoors.

    Many of us are tempted to ascend the beautiful fells, craggs and mountains that

  • Is Cardio Training still worth it & Stephen Update

    In recent months I’ve talked a lot about nutrition, resistance training and things such as consistency, making training manageable and progressive overload however a subject I rarely mention is

  • How soon can you get married?

    So you've said 'yes' and now can't wait to say 'I Do', but how soon can you actually get married?  This has been a frequent question posed to us over the past few weeks. So we looked to our friends at