Team build for Best Western

We've been trying to get the Best Western Head Office team up to Castle Green for a teambuild for ages and we finally achieved it last week!

Eight members of staff joined Andrea & Kat for an introduction to Live for Today the company who run our onsites ropes course and team build facility.  The Lake District weather was kind (for once!) and the group enjoyed some great activities.

First up was the simple task of balancing a long bar between them on their fingertips, then attempting to lower it without it falling off!  Cue lots of laughing, complaints of bad knees, bad backs you name it, but they got there in the end.  They then all got to go on the climbing wall - 30 feet of solid wood with varying difficulty of hand and foot holds depending on what side you go up.  All reached the top, and all got down despite threats from the team mates holding the guide ropes to leave them up there for the night!

After all that excitement we treated them to a few beers in the Hotel lounge and a three course meal in our fabulous Greenhouse Restaurant.  

Hopefully they left us on Saturday morning with a better understanding of what we can offer at Castle Green and a few good tales to tell when they get back to the office!