Great atmosphere = Great workouts

As you know, in these blogs l like to shout about our gym facility here at Pulse and also give you some helpful information or tips involving exercise and nutrition, but firstly I’d just like to thank all you awesome members for the lovely messages and well wishes I’ve been receiving regarding my baby daughter Cora. I’m enjoying being a dad so much…. despite the sleepless nights (ha ha) and thankfully both Cora and Jenny are doing amazingly well.

There are two main things I’ve noticed since becoming a dad in regards to Pulse and exercise . . .

When people are looking to join a gym there’s quite a few factors they seem to consider such as price, equipment and opening hours. These are of course very important, but one thing that’s overlooked in my opinion is the ATMOSPHERE and SOUL that a gym has. It might not seem important but if you are going to do something regularly with your precious free time you obviously need to enjoy and actually want to be in that facility/place. I believe an atmosphere is created by the people with you and the layout of the place you are in. We’re very lucky at Pulse as the place is blessed with a soul and therefore a great atmosphere. All you members are very caring, kind, friendly and considerate, I’ve been lucky enough to experience this recently due to Cora’s arrival. The atmosphere created by members, staff and our unique gym layout makes Pulse such a nice place to come and train, swim or relax. We’ve had members leave in the past to try out other gyms and they always come back, when we ask why the usual reason is “we just missed you” and that’s simply down to the atmosphere and how pleasant it is in Pulse

The other thing I’ve noticed now I’m a dad is how hard it is to motivate yourself to get in the gym when you are tired, have little free time or just simply have other priorities. The main motivation to keep you attending the gym regularly is progress, simply put, if you are progressing and can see yourself improving you’re way more likely to keep coming. The only way to achieve progress is to do something consistently. If you are coming in the gym consistently you should improve. What I’m trying to say is…. consistency means progress, progress means motivation, if you are motivated you’ll remain consistent.

Even though my life has changed massively and I do struggle for time now I’ve managed to keep myself consistent by making my workouts very short so that it doesn’t seem such a hard chore/task to get myself to Pulse. Keep your workout around 30 minutes long, reduce your rest between sets so that you can squeeze as much in to the 30 mins as possible, lighten the weight you are lifting slightly so that you can cope with the reduced rest and can smash out as many reps and sets as possible in the reduced time. You’ll be amazed by what 30 mins 3-6 times a week can do to your body.