Everything Under One Roof

There are two reasons why Pulse is such a successful health and fitness facility – namely the team and the fact that we have many facilities under one roof.

In Kendal there isn’t many health clubs that have a large selection of cardiovascular equipment, resistance apparatus and classes, as well as a swimming pool and a steam room. Having all these facilities under one roof means we have members of all ages, gender and athletic ability. This shows we appeal to everyone and in a small town like Kendal and are able to build a successful leisure club and helping make people healthier, stronger and happier for the very distant future.

We seem to have a reputation for being expensive, this simply isn’t true, YES we have the highest monthly cost out of all our rival gyms, BUT if you don’t make the mistake of just judging which facility you are going to join simply by glancing at the price, you will find we are BETTER VALUE FOR MONEY than most.

Some facilities are cheaper but they simply offer a gym and some classes. Pulse provides its members with:
• gyms (with the highest quality equipment),
• classes,
• a swimming pool & steam room,
• a highly qualified and experienced team,
• FREE fitness assessments,
• FREE personalised programmes,
• nutrition consultations,
• swimming lessons,
• and we could go on!

So is Pulse Health and Fitness expensive? NO, is Pulse Health and Fitness is good value for money? YES… because we have so many facilities under one roof. Ask yourself why most other gyms in this area tie you into a contract and why here at Pulse we don’t, you are always able to leave whenever you like. We’re confident our members will enjoy their time at Pulse and be happy with the service and value for money.


In these small blogs we like to pass on some fitness guidance to show that Team Pulse are very knowledgeable and also to thank you all for taking the time to read this. So here’s a list of the exercises you should all be doing at the gym:
1. Deadlifts
2. Squats
3. Lat Pull Down (or Pull ups)
4. Seated Row
5. Chest Press (or Press ups)
6. Shoulder Press
Let me explain why doing these 6 exercises are the most effective session you could do in the gym for either fat loss or muscle building. The important thing here is to understand that these exercises are all compound movements (meaning they work multiple muscles) and therefore this group of exercises will work every muscle in your body, effectively giving you the most “bang for your buck” possible in a gym session.

By training like this not only will your body be well balanced (think posture), but consider all the calories you’ll burn when your body has to power and repair/grow all that muscle. Some of you will have read that last line and thought “what… weights will help you burn calories and therefore lose fat?”…. Yes that’s exactly correct, you will probably burn more calories due to a session like I’ve mention above than you will doing a session on something like the treadmill or cross trainer.