No Contract, No Risk!

At Pulse we don’t tie you into any sort of contract or charge you any kind of cancellation fee if you wish to terminate your membership with us.  We are confident in our product that anyone who joins will feel they are getting good value for money, which at the end of the day is what any consumer is looking for.

Gyms do have a reputation for promising you everything, joining you up and then holding you into contracts for 12 months even if you want to leave. You will see this in most gyms in this area and it can be a reason to be suspicious of them as it does suggest getting your money is their priority.

The nice thing about not being tied into anything is that you have complete peace of mind. So if you are unsure the gym lifestyle is for you, if you don’t know how long you will be in this area for, maybe you don’t know if this is the facility that suits you best, basically none of that matters as you can always just stop your membership. Normally when you join something, buy an item or just spend money on anything in general you are putting your trust in them to give you what you want. If you are spending a lot of money on that entity then that can be a very scary thing but with Pulse it’s the opposite as we are trusting you! Let us explain, when you join us we offer you fitness assessments and personalised programmes, which we don’t charge for so at the beginning and throughout your membership we invest time in you if you choose, so if you do all that and then cancel your membership after a month or two it’s actually us who loses out.
Obviously we’re a business and we want to make money but is that our priority? Well it probably should be but it isn’t, we want all our members to achieve their goals no matter how big or small.  If for any reason Pulse can’t do that for you then we will not keep taking your money off you.


One thing I haven’t mentioned at all in the above is nutrition and as a reward for taking the time to read this I’d like to give you a bit of free information that will help you if you are wanting to get ripped for summer!

Simply do the below equation and it will tell you how many calories a day you should be consuming to lose weight. It’s this simple when it comes to weight loss, all you need to do is eat slightly less calories than your body needs, this doesn’t mean starving yourself either, it just means count your calories.

1. Your weight in Kg x 25 =
2. Then add 20% if you are not that active, 30% if normally active, 40% if very active or 50% if extremely active 
3. Then finally choose one of these depending on your goal…. minus off 500 if you want to lose weight, add 500 if you want to gain weight and bulk up steadily or simply leave it as it is if you want to maintain you weight

Hope that makes sense, if you need any help with the above or want to discuss your health and fitness goals with us here at Pulse just pop in and see us or call 01539 797016.