How long will it take to get in shape?

This is something I’ve been looking forward to talking about… The question I get asked more than any by people new to exercise is this “how long will it take to get my body in shape”.

Now obviously this completely depends on the individual and how much time and effort they put into their exercise, nutrition and knowledge on the mentioned subjects…. Buuuut on average it will take most people about 6 weeks to see noticeable changes to their physique.

For a lot of people 6 weeks is a long time to wait and to be brutally honest it takes a lot longer than 6 weeks to completely change your body into the fitness model/ideal body that most people are striving for. So in conclusion getting the body you want is a long process and it’s not possible to do it in a short amount of time without extreme and very unhealthy dieting, which always and I mean always results in the weight loss being put back on or through drug use such as steroids and don’t get me started on that because I could probably write a whole book on why that’s a bad idea!

Personally I think the fact it takes a lengthy time to get the body you want is the main reason why most people give up on the gym and good nutrition. The only way you will reach your goal is to accept you are going to be in this for the long haul and you must give yourself time to reach that goal. My biggest bit of advice to people is always this … “be consistent and trust the process”. You need to consistently train and eat how you need to for your specific goal for a long period of time and no matter how slow the progress or how many times you feel you are getting nowhere trust that you are going to get there in the end….. Trust me, you will actually get there!

As I’ve mentioned above it will take most people 6 weeks to notice changes to their body and that’s exactly why here at Pulse we currently offer a short term 6 week membership called FIT IN 6 to start people off on their fitness journey or to help people reach a short term goal with their body and/or fitness. Remember you won’t completely change your body in 6 weeks but you will notice progress and for a lot of people that progress is enough to motivate them to keep going. All you then have to do is just realise where you could be in 1 or 2 or even 3 years’ time if you just keep motivated and keep going.

It’s not easy but it’s simple, be consistent with your exercise plus nutrition and also trust the process.

If you would like more information on FIT IN 6 please call 01539 797016 or pop in and visit us at Pulse Health & Fitness