Great Cumbrian Litter Pick

Caption: L to R - Richard, Liam, Ben & Darryl

We were delighted to join forces with over 1300 people for Friends of the Lake District's first ever Great Cumbrian Litter Pick. 

Ben, Liam, Darryl and Richard Evans (who lives at the bottom of the drive!) set off towards Kendal Castle on Friday 6th July to collect as much rubbish as they could carry.

After a good hour they returned to Alexander's with a bulging bag of rubbish each, contributing to the 353 sacks that were collected all over the county via 60 separate litter picks. 

'It's been something we've wanted to do for a while', says General Manager Ben, 'having been on a number of walks with the team where we've seen rubbish along our route.  The extent of the problem is not as obvious due to our landscape around the hotel, so I think we were all surprised as to how fast we filled our bags.'

‘The Great Cumbrian Litter Pick’ will return in springtime 2019 with the next event being organised for Fri 26th and Sat 27th April. Schools, communities, organisations, groups or individuals wishing to sign up for the 2019 event should visit