How gym training can compliment outdoor activities

This seems very appropriate at the moment with all this lovely weather we’ve been having. As a staff member who has worked at Pulse Health & Fitness for many years you notice patterns of behaviour from members, noticeably that summer is never as busy as winter due to members wanting to spend more time outside in the nice weather.

This is totally understandable but for lots of members who spend more time outside due to hobbies such as mountain biking, running, sailing, road biking, golfing and climbing may not have considered just how much the gym can help you progress with these activities? Some people even cancel their memberships throughout the summer and do not come in at all as they’ll be doing so much of the activity they feel they don’t need to come in and train. I never think this is a wise move and if anything members should be asking us Fitness Instructors for programmes that will compliment their hobbies.

People don’t often do hobbies they are bad at, which suggests there is a hunger to progress and succeed at whatever this is. If what I mention above is you, this is what I’d suggest. You can reduce your time in the gym by either missing a day or two a week or by still visiting the gym as much but reduce the time you train for from say 1 hour down to 30mins, the latter being the best way in my opinion. Doing this will provide you with the extra time you want to do your outside activity more frequently in this lovely summer weather and still give you essential gym time where you can be increasing your cardiovascular fitness, your strength and injury deterrence.

It doesn’t take long for your body to get rid of muscle when you stop training, which obviously makes you weaker (and often contributes to fat gain). If you become weaker your sport/hobby/outside-activity will suffer and you will also become more prone to injury. Your technique will usually improve with doing the activity more but this can be counteracted by dropping strength and fitness levels due to you not attending the gym. You will progress much faster with your hobby if you keep the gym going whilst taking part in the sport/activity. Look at most semi-professional or professional athletes, literally no matter the sport they will have gym programmes they do that compliment that sport.

Speaking of progress have you considered just how much you will negatively affect your gym progress by avoiding it for the summer months? It could be a huge factor to why you feel you aren’t progressing in the gym. Put simply if you do this you will always be taking 3 steps forward and 2 back. Remember your body will start to break down muscle after only about 2 weeks if it feels you don’t need it, which is basically what you are telling your body to do if you stop training.

In conclusion, try your best to keep training in the gym throughout the summer the only change you should make is to do your gym sessions more efficiently to give you that extra time you want outside. Don’t use your hobby as an excuse to miss the gym….. use the gym to compliment your hobby and therefore progress in both.

Remember the staff here at Pulse are very knowledgeable and we are more than happy to help our members make their programmes more specific to a sport or activity and also show you how to make them more efficient, don’t hesitate to ask us for help, it’s what we are here for, it’s what we love doing and we want to keep you motivated.