Progressive Overload.......

Have you been working hard at the gym recently but noticed a drop off in your results? This can happen when your exercise programme has become easier to do. When you stop pushing your body to increase in strength it stops trying to adapt, hence you don't see the results you were hoping for.

Progressive overload is a gradual increase in the stress placed on your body during exercise. As your body adapts to your workouts it gets stronger and your ability to perform becomes greater e.g the 1000m you performed on the rower a couple of months ago is now probably much easier and may no longer leave you breathless.

There is no set rule for increasing the demand on your body, everybody adapts at their own pace with some people managing to build strength and /or stamina quicker than others.

There are lots of ways to increase the demand on your body such as:

1) Loading up - increase the weight when resistance training or distance if working cardiovascular.
2) Add volume - Either increase the mount of reps or sets you are doing.
3) Less rest - decrease the amount of rest time between sets forcing your body to work at a higher intensity.
4) Train more - increase the number of training sessions your are doing each week.

Not achieving results and loss of motivation often come hand in hand. Here at Pulse we want to prevent that so if you feel that you are not seeing the results you would like book in with one of our instructors and we can either build you a new programme or adapt your current one.