The Value of Getting Out the Office.

Meeting, meetings and more meetings! Sound familiar? When working in business often team members can feel overwhelmed by the number of staff get togethers necessary to make progress. How do we retain attention and engagement to ensure everyone gets the most out of the discussion?

Get out of the office! Here are three great reasons why it will help your business productivity.


Research shows that a change in setting can really help creativity and kick start the process of thinking ‘outside the box’. Having routine is great for a lot of business tasks, but for new ideas it can be very jarring. True creativity comes from individuals who are passionate and excited about new things - not from people who have looked at the same 4 walls for 5 days.

A new setting can also help with seeing things from a different or new perspective which could open up new areas of opportunity or form solutions to current problems.


Offsite meetings always command better attention from employees. Free from the day to day distractions of office clutter, the kettle boiling and what’s going outside the window employees absorb and process information properly.

Plus, offside meetings create the feeling amongst staff that the discussion is important and employees tend to make more effort to communicate and collaborate with others. This engagement in turn builds camaraderie which is essential for continued productivity and team work.


Conference and meeting venues are designed for purpose. This means your meeting can flow with no hiccups or technical faults! Here at the Castle Green we have premium facilities and reliable technologies - both of which a key for delivering an engaging presentation that is worthwhile for attendees.

We will tailor the package to your needs, offering the appropriate room size, tea’s and coffee’s even lunch or dinner if you wish - everything to make a good impression.

To find out more about conferences and meetings at the Castle Green, visit the conference section of our website, or call us on 01539 734000, one of our friendly team will be happy to talk through your requirements.