What comes first, booking the venue or booking the registrar?

A common question! We are more than happy to hold a date for you while you check that the registrar is available so don't worry! Our local registry staff can conduct ceremonies between 10am and 5pm. Simply complete their online form (link below) and they will be back in touch as soon as they can to confirm your chosen date and time is available.

In Cumbria you may provisionally book your ceremony up to 24 months in advance for a non-refundable advanced booking fee. This fee is in addition to the standard fees payable to the Registrar.

What can I include in my wedding ceremony?

You can include music which is special to you as a couple or a piece of poetry may be read. Neither must be religious in nature.

We can do many things to help with your wedding planning but one thing we cannot do is the legal bit! 


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