Love is in the air which are 2019 wedding trends.

Romantic gestures are plentiful over the Festive season meaning our inbox is full of newly engaged couples! And with Valentine’s Day on the horizon, it seems only right to run through the wedding trends hot for the coming year.

Dress Simplicity

Princess dresses are a thing of the past...for now. 2019 is set to see the return of plain, simple dresses that accentuate the brides natural beauty rather than stealing the show themselves. This means the key is in the tailoring, make sure your dress fits like a glove and suits your figure. Meghan Markle’s simple, yet striking dress is the perfect example of this minimalism.

Environmentally Sympathetic

The importance of sustainability is an ever growing concern. Recycling and using ethical, local products is quickly becoming a must for most people. In response, 2019 is set to see the rise of the no-waste weddings! Expect flower arrangements that are foam free, ethically made wedding dresses, paper rather than plastic, and wedding cakes made with locally sourced ingredients as well as love.

If you want your wedding to be as environmentally friendly as possible, we will do our best to cater to your needs, our wedding team are always as flexible as possible and appreciate that your special day is...your day! We are an award-winning team because we always work to make your vision a reality.

Opulent Wedding Cakes

Less frills on the dress, and more on the cake. Exquisite details, beautiful sugar flowers and piping is what’s on order. Beautifully textured cakes, edible flowers and exotic fruits are also set to take the market by storm.

If you’re wanting to set a date for the big day call our friendly team, there’s no hassle and no pressure. We can talk through your wedding dreams and explain what we can do for you, we have extensive wedding experience, and our award winning wedding coordinator Nicola always has plenty of creative ideas to offer.

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