Sorry, those calories won't count themselves!

Last month I mentioned everything that’s important when it comes to you getting the body you want, in order of importance calorie consumption, progressive overload, consistency and manageability.
So for this month’s blog I’d like to focus on CALORIE CONSUMPTION. This is by far the most important part of getting the physique you want. No matter how well you train in the gym you will not lose fat if you are consuming too many calories and the same goes for building big muscles, as you will not grow unless you are getting in more calories than your body needs.

Taking the above into account you should really be tracking your daily calorie intake. There’s a fantastic app called MyFitnessPal and I’d 100% recommend you get it and use the app to count your calories each day.
I’m sure many of you are thinking “that’s great advice Curt but I don’t have a clue how many calories I should be having a day”… well here’s a very simple mathematical system to work it out…. First you do your bodyweight in kg x 25, then you add a % on for how active you are in your day, so this could be 20% if you are quite inactive, 30% if reasonably active, 40% if very active and 50% if extremely active, then finally you either minus 500 if wanting to lose weight, leave it as it is if you are wanting to maintain weight or add 500 if wanting to gain size and muscle. So here’s an example of mine – 78kg x 25 =1950, + 40% = 2730, - 500 (to lose fat) = 2230 calories a day.

Just to give you some examples of this working … my partner Jenny has been doing the above for 3 weeks and has lost 7lbs (half a stone), a client I train called Mike has been doing this for around a month and has lost around 8lbs and I’ve been doing it for 3 weeks and have lost 6lbs. This just shows if you put yourself in a calorie deficit you will lose weight. But you must be honest with yourself and put everything you eat and drink that has calories in it into the app.

Finally I’ll just try and help you all understand nutrition a little more. We’ve already established that your calorie intake is incredibly important but here are a few other things to try to get your head around. A high protein diet is very beneficial for weight loss, muscle mass and is considered the most important of the macros (macros are Fats, Carbs and Proteins). The times you eat your meals don’t matter, you could eat all your daily calories at 8pm at night if you like and it won’t make a difference to fat gain or loss compared to eating 5 meals of your calories spread out throughout the day. So taking that into account a tip that works for me is to keep my calorie consumption quite low till evening time then go crazy in the evenings. So basically I don’t have much of a breakfast and usually have quite a small lunch, which then means I’ve got lots of calories left for the evening where I’ll have a big meal and some snacks I really want, like crisps for example. Most people struggle to control their eating in evenings as this is the time to relax and is when people start thinking about food. Don’t feel like you can’t eat or drink things you want, there’s no problem having chocolate, crisps, alcohol etc as long as they fit into your daily calories. You can even accommodate nights out or a take away into your calories by simply undereating for a few days before the desired take away or night out. So for example if you are going out for a big meal on Saturday night and you know it’s going to be around 1000 calories for that meal, just simply under-eat by 330 calories Wednesday, Thursday and Friday and you’ll have pretty much saved up the 1000 calories for the bad meal etc.

I hope this blog has helped you understand weight loss and gain a bit better, plus give you the tools you need to reach your desired body shape.