New to Walking? Our Top Tips, or book a guided walk at Kendal's 3rd Walking Festival

Caption: (C) Tony West

With the blossoming daffodils, longer days and more frequent sunny spells it is a great time to start getting outdoors.

Many of us are tempted to ascend the beautiful fells, craggs and mountains that surround the stunning lakes, meres and waters. Though, if you are new to the Lake District and the world of walking, it can be a little daunting. After all, you want to make sure you take the right equipment and know where you are going!

Kendal hosts it's 3rd Walking Festival between 10th -12th May offering a wide range of easy rambles, historic walks wround the town and the option to get onto the surrounding hills.  All easily accessible from the Hotel.  See their website to book and for more details.  If you've never done anything like this before it's a great introduction!

If your stay with us is for a good dose of fresh air, peace of mind and exercise you will want to take note of our fantastic top tips on walking in the Lake District...


You don’t need expensive kit to enjoy a walk in the Lakes. What we would recommend is that you make sure you have comfortable footwear. If the weather is good, trainers will be fine, although if it’s damp and drizzly we’d suggest investing in some walking boots.


Set off with plenty of clothing as too warm is definitely better than too cold. It is important to be aware that weather conditions can change dramatically and quickly up high so be prepared for every eventuality. However what we would suggest is taking a rucksack to put those extra layers in, as you probably won’t need all of them all the time!


As well as packing that extra clothing, there are a few rucksack essentials you do not want to go without. Firstly, food and drink, walking all day can be very tiring and you will be sure to work up an appetite. Make sure you take a packed lunch with you and plenty of water. You can pre-order from us to save the hassle! What we’d also suggest as a sensible precaution is taking a first aid kit and a foil blanket. As the saying goes, better safe than sorry.


It is very important to know where you are going. There are plenty of guidebooks and information online for popular walking routes with clear footpaths, so do your research.

Learning how to use a map and compass before you go out is a great idea, and a brilliant, satisfying skill to have. If you don’t know how to navigate there are lots of courses here in the Lake District, we’d recommend you start by having a look on the Lake District National Park website.

Alternately, there are lots of great walking guides, try visiting or


Last but certainly not least, check the weather before you go! If you are a beginner and the conditions are really bad, we’d suggest rearranging. You want to be comfortable, happy and prepared to get the most out of your walking experience.

So plan ahead, and come and stay with us so you can start exploring!