Adam celebrates with a trip to Champagne

Caption: Adam (third from right) with the Legacy sales superstars
Caption: Domaine Du Chalet
Caption: Champagne food matching
Caption: Bottles in the cellar fifty metres underground

Alexander’s manager, Adam Ellwood was delighted to learn earlier this year, that he had won a place on a trip to the Champagne region following his fantastic beverage sales over the Christmas period.

So last Monday he headed off to the Palmer Winery in Reims to meet up with other super sales colleagues from our sister Legacy properties across the country, to learn all about the fizzy stuff!

Palmers have been making Champagne since 1947 with their cellars, which are fifty metres underground to achieve a constant temperature, previously used as protection for families during the Second World War.

He stayed at their amazing Domaine Du Chalet with glorious views over the vineyards and was treated to two fabulous three course dinners each with Champagne matched to each course. We do a lot of wine matching in The Greenhouse Restaurant at Castle Green but Adam had never seen it done with Champagne throughout a meal. As you can imagine it was a wonderful experience.

The group was then treated to a tour of the winery and insights into how they make their Champagne. The whole process can take 3 to 10 years and they use a combination of traditional oak and steel cylinders depending on the brand. Once bottled the Champagne is capped and turned daily by hand to ensure the sediment settles in the cap. The cap is then removed and the bottles are corked and wrapped.

This was an amazing experience for the Legacy team kindly organised by Bibendum Wine and Palmers & Co. We’re waiting to see what this year’s Christmas Prize is but we’ve got a feeling, given this one, Adam might have a bit more competition!

For more information on Palmers & Co and staying at Domaine du Chalet see the link below