Conferences: What not to forget!

Planning a conference can be stressful. But with a dedicated conference host we’ll ensure your event runs smoothly. To make sure you start off on the right foot, there’s a few things you shouldn’t forget:

Have a mission statement. It will provide you with an aim and purpose, telling your guests what you are doing and why they should come. Your statement can be abstract, open to a wider audience, or more precise. Pick your audience, your goal, and begin writing your statement.

Use your network. If you’ve been in the industry long enough to consider hosting a conference, then you probably have a network in place. Use it. Get people within your network attending, promoting, and speaking at your conference. If there’s a particular person you would like to attend and your friend knows them, ask for an introduction, tell them your mission statement, and get a conversation going.

Organise your printing. Murphy’s law dictates that if something can go wrong, it will. And it always seems that when you need a document most, your printer will suddenly error, be low on ink, or just keep scrunching up the paper. That’s why we have printers on site for any last minute documents you may need.

Transport. How will everyone get to your conference? It’s a big thing to consider as you’ll want to share transport information with your network. At Castle Green we have complimentary parking for 250+ guests and we are within close proximity to Oxenholme train station with links to London Euston, Edinburgh Waverley, Glasgow Central, and Manchester Airport; plus, easy access to the A6. So, no matter how far your guests are travelling it’s not hard to reach our location.

The right venue. Where your conference takes place is perhaps the most important part. You want a location that’s open, comfortable, and can be adjusted when needed. At Castle Green we’ve got just that. Comfy seats, check. Air conditioning, check. WIFI, check. What more could a conference location offer? Perhaps, a beautiful landscape, a mix of seating arrangements, secure storage, a health & fitness club (for those staying the night), and much much more. Plus, with our dedicated hosts, you can relax and enjoy your conference while they take care of everything.

People need to eat. In all the hustle and bustle of setting up a conference, it’s easy to forget that your guests need to eat. We source local ingredients to make every dish special. Whether you’re guests are dining in our restaurant or enjoying a buffet, be assured that our range is of the highest quality. Just tell us your requirements and we’ll do the rest.

Lastly, get feedback. Getting feedback from your guests following the event is a brilliant way to monitor your success. Discover how you’ve helped someone, who made new network connections, who was inspired, and who stole all the sweets. You can do this by sending out an email or having guests fill out surveys before leaving, either way make sure you get your feedback! And, if there’s anything specifically about Castle Green, send it our way. We love hearing what our guests have to say.

Host your conference the right way at Castle Green, with our dedicated team of hosts and a beautiful location, we’ll help make your day a true success.