The Circle - why consistency is key

September is always good month to discuss getting back into a routine. The gym often drops down on most people list of priorities through June, July and August. With it being summer, nice weather, kids being off school, going on holiday, a social time of year etc etc it’s common for gym visits to go from 3 or 4 visits a week down to once a week if that. Unfortunately now summer is over it’s important to get that routine back on track before you lose the motivation permanently.

Another word for routine is CONSISTENCY… I’m sure you’ll have heard me talk about consistency before, in my opinion it’s the most important factor when it comes to reaching goals. This is the case for pretty much any goal you may have but if we apply it to fitness and/or weight loss I believe CONSISTENCY produces PROGRESS, if you are progressing you stay MOTIVATED and if you are consistent, progressing your sessions and you are motivated you are bound to get RESULTS.

I often get asked how I’ve managed to get the strength I have, the muscle mass I have and the low body fat levels which mean my muscles are very visible and my answer is always the same…. “I’ve trained consistently for a long time and I consistently eat the calories I’m supposed to for whatever my goal is”.

For those of you who have done fit in 6, why stop once your fit in 6 has finished? You’ve been consistent for 6 weeks, keep it going and before you know it 6 weeks turns into 12 weeks, 12 weeks turns into 6 months and so on. When you’ve trained consistently for that length of time you will be so much fitter, so much healthier and feel much happier about the way you look.

Remember everyone…. You only have 1 body, look after it and make it a priority again. Get yourself into this circle and you’ll soon be on your way to reaching the results you want with your physique and health.

Consistency produces progress, progression creates motivation, and being motivated keeps you consistent !!!