Happy World Gin Day

Caption: Andy & Laura Pickett

We asked Andy our Restaurant Supervisor for his favourites from the CG Bar and his and wife Laura's (our Reception Supervisor) substantial gin collection. They travel all over the country visiting gin festivals so they know a thing or two. Photo was taken at The Junipalooza festival one of the biggest gin festivals in the world after a few free samples!

Top of Andy's list (in no particular order)

Four Pillars Bloody Shiraz GIn 37.8% ABV Melbourne’s Australia
Four Pillars gin took their Rare Dry Gin and combined it with some of the regions best shiraz grapes to see what happened as they describe it themselves:-
“The result was alcoholic alchemy… the juice turned a magical purple colour and found a sweetness straight from the ripe grapes.“ a beautiful gin sipped neat over ice with your mixer of choice or added to a bolognese to bring out the flavours of both the shiraz and the gin.

Monkey 47 47% ABV Black Forest Germany
A well known and widely loved gin found on most bars these days a combination of 47! Yes 47 different botanicals a good third of the being found local to the Black Forest Distillery and conveniently being 47% ABV. The local lingonberries are said to be one of the secret ingredients in this unique and complex gin with full flavours of juniper, citrus,floral aroma finishing with a hint of peppery spices.

Lakes Explorer Edition 47.1% ABV Lake District UK
A true taste of the Lake District combining Lake district water sourced from the River Derwent with the finest English wheat spirit, along with hand picked botanicals, all steeped in a copper pot still overnight to allow for the extraction of the essential oils. The following day the steam is gently introduced and a long slow distillation commences.
A classical “Ginie” gin with flavours of juniper, Lemon and dried orange peel to finish.

Martin Miller 9 Moons 40% ABV Borgarnes, Iceland
Having come to gin after having a taste for malt whisky I always enjoy tasting a “casked” gin. There are many on the market but this one for me is one of the best! Martin Millers start with high strength gin which is barrelled in to new French oak casks, here it stay for 9 months or “9 Moons” the cold dry climate in Borgarnes, Iceland is thought to slow down the aging process of the gin and offers a mellow but distinctive flavour and colour to a simply delightful sipping gin.

Chase Pink Grapefruit & Pomelo Gin 40% ABV Preston Wynne, Hereford UK
A fresh yet full flavour of exactly what you would expect zesty pink grapefruit, juniper and lime flavours. Grown, distilled and bottled on the William Chase farm in Herefordshire, this fruit filled gin was crafted by distilling Williams Great British Extra Dry Gin with citrus fruits, including pink grapefruit peels in a copper pot still. The spirit is then macerated with fresh pink grapefruits to create a refreshing, summer thirst quencher, served with loads of ice or as I prefer a slice of frozen pink grapefruit and a mixer of choice.