• Stephen's road to recovery . . .

    First thing I’d like to talk about in this month’s blog is Stephen’s progress. As you all know from last month’s blog and updates I’ve done since on social media, we’re taking him through some very

  • Great atmosphere = Great workouts

    As you know, in these blogs l like to shout about our gym facility here at Pulse and also give you some helpful information or tips involving exercise and nutrition, but firstly I’d just like to thank

  • Progressive Overload.......

    Have you been working hard at the gym recently but noticed a drop off in your results? This can happen when your exercise programme has become easier to do. When you stop pushing your body to increase

  • Fixed Price … Fair Price

    This seems an ideal subject to discuss with the current gym situation in Kendal at the moment. As a fitness professional, I personally think that 10 gyms in our small town is a good thing - the more

  • How gym training can compliment outdoor activities

    This seems very appropriate at the moment with all this lovely weather we’ve been having. As a staff member who has worked at Pulse Health & Fitness for many years you notice patterns of behaviour

  • How long will it take to get in shape?

    This is something I’ve been looking forward to talking about… The question I get asked more than any by people new to exercise is this “how long will it take to get my body in shape”.

    Now obviously