• Protein and why it's good for you!

    There’s one subject I get asked about a lot by all ages, genders and training types… PROTEIN! There’s always been a big emphasis on protein when it comes to training, in the past it was seen as a

  • How to get a 6 pack!

    With summer and everything that comes with it, such as holidays and hot weather fast approaching, it seems relevant to talk about the most famous of all the muscles…The Abdominals.

    The six pack is

  • Is Cardio Training still worth it & Stephen Update

    In recent months I’ve talked a lot about nutrition, resistance training and things such as consistency, making training manageable and progressive overload however a subject I rarely mention is

  • Sorry, those calories won't count themselves!

    Last month I mentioned everything that’s important when it comes to you getting the body you want, in order of importance calorie consumption, progressive overload, consistency and manageability. So

  • January is the most important month in the gym calendar!

    It’s the month where people are most motivated to train and eat to become a healthier version of themselves. It’s often the month where gym goers start their journey to reach whatever goal they have

  • Why going to the gym is good for your mental health

    Firstly I‘d like to wish you all a very Happy Christmas. Speaking of Christmas, don’t forget we have our Fit 4 Xmas offer on till the end of December. This is a 4 week membership and is ideal as a