• The Circle - why consistency is key

    September is always good month to discuss getting back into a routine. The gym often drops down on most people list of priorities through June, July and August. With it being summer, nice weather,

  • Let me tell you how we helped our colleague Rob shed 10 stone!

    This is a Rob Tallon special…. I feel it’s incredibly important I tell you all about Rob. He’s a member here at Pulse and works up in the hotel as a kitchen porter.

    Rob has been on an incredible

  • Better resistance and how to train NEAT

    Firstly I’d just like to apologise for not being able to do June’s blog, we had a crazy busy month and unfortunately I didn’t get time to do it. So because I missed last month I’m going to talk about

  • Protein and why it's good for you!

    There’s one subject I get asked about a lot by all ages, genders and training types… PROTEIN! There’s always been a big emphasis on protein when it comes to training, in the past it was seen as a

  • How to get a 6 pack!

    With summer and everything that comes with it, such as holidays and hot weather fast approaching, it seems relevant to talk about the most famous of all the muscles…The Abdominals.

    The six pack is

  • Is Cardio Training still worth it & Stephen Update

    In recent months I’ve talked a lot about nutrition, resistance training and things such as consistency, making training manageable and progressive overload however a subject I rarely mention is