Here’s some tips to keep yourself fit, strong and from putting on weight if you are now having to be less active:

    1. KEEP ACTIVE – there’s no reason why you can’t go for a walk or a run, just keep

  • Training for women & how your menstrual cycle can influence all things fitness.

    This is one of the most important yet over-looked subjects I’ll ever do a blog on. Training, weight loss and nutrition is more complicated and therefore difficult for women than it is for men. Here’s

  • Everything you need to know to get the body you want by the end of 2020

    We are starting with a big blog for 2020, EVERYTHING you need to know to get the body you want. This means there’s a lot to discuss and sorry there’s going to be a lot to read … BUT if you can apply

  • The Circle - why consistency is key

    September is always good month to discuss getting back into a routine. The gym often drops down on most people list of priorities through June, July and August. With it being summer, nice weather,

  • Let me tell you how we helped our colleague Rob shed 10 stone!

    This is a Rob Tallon special…. I feel it’s incredibly important I tell you all about Rob. He’s a member here at Pulse and works up in the hotel as a kitchen porter.

    Rob has been on an incredible

  • Better resistance and how to train NEAT

    Firstly I’d just like to apologise for not being able to do June’s blog, we had a crazy busy month and unfortunately I didn’t get time to do it. So because I missed last month I’m going to talk about